Thursday, August 16, 2012

Writing Process Rings

Like teachers everywhere, I’m working hard on those last minute preparations for back to school.  It’s going to be here soooon!  Time to focus on those little details and getting everything ready. 

Today I’m putting together Writing Process Rings for my kiddos.  I came up with these last year as a  tool for students to use with their writing.  It was the simplest little thing, but I saw SUCH an improvement in the way that my students grasped the writing process!  For many students, this can seem like such an abstract concept—they want to write, turn in their work, and move on.  Revise?  What’s that?  Proofread?  Huh?  Thankfully, these writing rings helped solve this problem! J  My students really got the writing process, and used it independently through the year with just a little practice and these rings.

Each child had their own ring, which was a set of 5 different colored cards on a book ring. Here’s a picture of the rings that we used last year. 

Since then, I’ve tweaked them a bit and also included a “name” card on the front so they wouldn’t get lost! 

The cards on the ring list the steps of the writing process in order, which helped the students know the formal vocabulary for writing.  Underneath each, I also defined each step in kid-friendly terms. J   As the students wrote, they simply pulled out their rings and placed them on the corner of their desks, turning to the step that they were working on.  I could easily see what step of their writing they were working on with just a glance at their card!

Easy to put together, and they made a big difference!  These templates are formatted so that all of the cards are the same size—simply cut, hole punch, and assemble.  There are 8 cards per page to make multiple rings easy to copy.  Click HERE to get your copy! 


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