Friday, August 10, 2012

Tracking Class Behaviors

I LOVE ClassDojo.  Just love it.  My students do too, as do their parents.  It's awesome. 

ClassDojo is free and so easy to use.  Each student gets a cute little avatar (the site randomly assigns them, or they can choose).  For a small extra charge, you can even upload their student's pictures to use.  Their avatar then earns or loses points for classroom behaviors.  You can post ClassDojo on a Smartboard, classroom computer, or even use your smartphone as a remote to enter points.  Best of all, it generates a quick report at the end of the day, and will even email parents their child's behavior report with the click of a button.  Great for RTI and keeping behavior data easily.  

I love it because my students get instant feedback, and I especially love the positive reinforcement of "catching 'em doing good."  I also like that you can tailor the behaviors you are tracking with simple editing.  I use these positive ("green") behaviors:
  • exemplary work
  • on task
  • positive role model
  • materials ready
  • helping others
  • smooth transition (i.e. between activities)

I use these negative ("red") behaviors:
  • talking
  • time to follow directions
  • out of area
  • disrespect
  • missing work
I have to say that since using ClassDojo, I hardly have to use these at all.  Kids really want to do their best and earn those points!

Late last year, I even added in having the students to trade in their points (i.e. 50) for class privilege coupons (silent read anywhere, bring a stuffed animal to school, etc.).  These incentives are easy and free, and ClassDojo tracks the points for me.  What's not to love?  I'm a fan.

Want to check it out for yourself?  Click here


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