Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Class Constitution FREEBIE

It’s August 7th, and back-to-school is on my brain…  classroom setup, Meet the Teacher Night, daily routines—there are so many things to think about!  Anyone else having those dreams where the kids are walking in on the first day of school and you haven’t even put stuff up on the walls yet? J  That’s usually my signal to jump in and start planning. 

Even after teaching for 11 years, I still love to take this time to tweak things here and there and make the school year even better!  I love starting with the classroom environment piece first, and mapping out how to build great climate from the start.  I want my students to learn and grow academically through the year, but it’s equally important to me that they have great social skills, great manners, and a positive experience being at school every day.

I started to think about where to start on this during that first week of school.  How do I want students to treat others?  How do I want them to feel in our classroom?  How can I guide their work ethic?  I narrowed these down a simple list of positive traits for our “Class Constitution.”  This might be something that we add to through the year, and might even be our class pledge.  I’m planning on enlarging it on the poster maker, and  to have the students sign it with me that first day of school.

I’m hoping that this will be a great anchor for students to refer to about the positive expectations for our class climate.  Hope that it’s something you can use too!  Enjoy!

                        Download this FREEBIE here.


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