Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reminders Made Easy!

The holiday season is here in full swing!  That means parties, gift exchanges, school Christmas programs, projects, and many other FUN things for students and families!  My classroom calendar already is looking pretty jam-packed with fun things.  The challenge is remembering them all myself and reminding parents so that they can be a part too! 

If you find yourself sending frequent emails and notes home to remind parents about things to bring and dates to remember, I’ve found a GREAT website for you:  Remind 101.

Remind101 is a free website that lets you send quick text reminders to parents.  It’s super easy to use, and saves a LOT of time!  Simply set up your class account, give parents the link to sign up, and you’re set to go!  There’s even a PDF set of directions that guides parents on the sign-up process.  It’s quick and easy!  I  had the site open on my classroom computers during Meet the Teacher Night, and asked parents to sign up that night.  It took just minutes!  

From there, just type a quick message on the site and it instantly sends the reminder text to everyone on the contact list!  Best of all, your phone number and all those on the contact list stay confidential.  It’s brilliant!  You save time getting those reminders out, the needed cookie trays and gift exchange gifts make it to school on the right day, and families remember those precious Christmas program dates and times!  It’s really helpful for reminding parents of things like upcoming tests and projects, too!

In addition to the website, Remind 101 also has an app for both iPhone and Android.  Here’s hoping this helps to SIMPLIFY the school fun of the holiday season for parents and for YOU!  


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