Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pet Shop Prices! A QR code activity

WOW!  Time is FLYING!  There are just days left with my sweet kiddos, and it has been busy, busy, busy!  It’s been way too long since I’ve posted last so I’m happy to be finally blogging again! 

We just wrapped up our 3rd grade economics sale last week, and our super 9 & 10-year olds raised a whopping $1,000+ to donate to the local food bank!  It was quite the project and they did a super job!  The kids learned so much about marketing, packaging, and income and expenses.  It was also the perfect opportunity to loop back and practice MONEY MATH! J  We added totals, reviewed ways to count coins accurately, and practiced strategies for making change.  LOTS of learning went into that one day sale!

I put together a few money math centers for this, and Pet Shop Prices was one of the kids’ favorites for sure!  

After being inspired by some SUPER CUTE pet clip art, I came up with a pet shop theme for adding dollar amounts with accuracy.  Students are basically “running the shop!”  Using a “price sign” for items in the store, they fill out dollar amounts on their student receipt sheet.  They add the totals and double check to make sure that they are correct.  THEN….the fun part:  they use an iTouch, iPad, or smartphone and QR code app as a price “scanner” to see if they were right.  They were HOOKED!

I’ve posted Pet Shop Prices here on my TPT store.  It includes the Pet Shop price sign, a student reproducible sheet with 8 “receipts” for them to solve.  There are self-checking QR codes on each receipt.  There are also paper price check cards to print out and use if QR code reader technology isn’t handy. 
We had so much fun with this, so I hope you’ll take a look and check it out!  Hope you are enjoying these last few days of school and gearing up for a relaxing summer!  J

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