Sunday, April 28, 2013

Character Trading Cards

Woohooooooo!  State testing wrapped up this week!  Kiddos and teachers everywhere have lots to be proud of! J  Big….sigh….of….relief!

We have a little more than a month to go on our campus, and I’m looking forward to making those last days of school really count!  One thing’s for sure, I want to keep my students reading, reading, reading through the rest of the school year and well into the summer.  If you’re looking for fun ways to do this too, I’ve got a GREAT tool for you:  Trading Card Creator!

This fun FREE online tool comes from, the website of the International Reading Association.  It lets kids create a virtual trading card where they describe a character’s feelings, actions, and more—all based on the text they’re reading.  Students can upload images, save and even print their double-sided trading cards for sharing.  What a great way to have kiddos talk about the books they love and spread their excitement! 

You can access the card creator here, or there’s even a FREE iPad app.  Both the app and website are excellent!  

This web tool is really versatile, so you can even have kids create trading cards of events, story settings, abstract concepts of more.  Lots to explore with the Trading Card Creator, and this is just ONE of the super activities on 

My kids LOVE making these, and have a blast trading them!  What a fun way to keep that learning going through the last days of school!

I’m dabbling here and there with some other great end-of-year activities to keep the kids engaged and learning—I’ll be blogging about those later this week!

Have fun trading! J



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