Friday, January 25, 2013

Candy-themed Graphing!

Anytime you can take a math concept and link it to something that kids LOVE, it’s a win.  So how about CANDY?  Is there a way to pull candy into a key math skill?  YES! J

This week in my classroom we are delving into data analysis and graphing.  I want my students to not just read different kinds of graphs but to MAKE them as well.  I find that when they have to come up with the scale on the graph, or to cut and place the pictures on a pictograph, it takes their understanding of how graphs work to a much deeper level. 

So I started to think about graphing…then started to think of how to add the “fun factor.”  This Candy Factory GRAPH-tastic Math Centers kit was the result.   

There are 5 different math stations, all around a “Candy Factory” theme.  Students take the role of “Candy Factory Manager” while trying scenarios where different types of graphs and data could be used.  They'll be working with pictographs, bar graphs, coordinate graphs, line graphs and more.  I may even pass out a few Skittles to add to the fun. J

I can’t wait to try this with my kiddos this week during math centers!  The task cards give clear directions on what students are to do, and there are matching student activity sheets on which they can do their work.  I’m thinking that I’ll get some of those plastic stand-up page holders to put the task cards in, and set up the 5 different stations around the room.

I've just added this to my TPT store, and hope that it's something you can use!  It includes 5 different task cards and the printable student sheets to go with each task.  A grading rubric and answer key is included as well!  

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  Stay warm and stay well! 




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