Saturday, October 27, 2012

Genre Genius!

Brrr—it’s been cold today!  It was a good day to hunker down with a cup of coffee, watch movie classics, and finish some reading projects!

A few weeks ago, my third graders started working on reading genre.  I love teaching this mini unit as it helps young readers to go beyond their comfort zone and try new books!  We had a lot of fun incorporating a brand new genre “field guide” foldable book that students will be able to use as a resource the rest of this year.

We also did a fun scavenger hunt with genre clues hidden around our school library.  The kids read the clues, guessed the genre, and then checked their answer with the QR code.  Super fun!

Finally, students were given a genre project choice board from which to choose and do activities to show their learning.  The kids enjoyed these so much that they asked to do more activities from the board after they’d finished their first choices!  We had a blast with this!  

Best of all, the students now really have a good understanding of story elements and what makes a book fit a certain genre.  The kids are also branching out to read books from genres that they previously didn’t choose.

I’ve bundled all of these goodies into a “Genre Genius Super Pack,” and you can take a look here.  It includes the field guide foldable book, the QR scavenger hunt materials, the genre project choice board, and all of the printables needed to do those activities!  It's all ready to go!

I'm off to read a book for a little while myself now... J Have a great weekend, and stay WARM!  


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